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What Industry Has The Largest Economic Footprint In Florida?

I took some time off over the holidays to rest and learn some new tools and techniques. I’m back to it and excited for a 2014 that promises to be a great year for Florida’s political and policy observers.

I will start the year simple because sometimes it is interesting to take a fresh look at basic data.

Recently, I pulled a simple data set on the economic contributions in gross state product (GSP) of various sectors of the Florida economy. The PDF chart below shows the 2012 economic in Florida of each NAICS industry classification.

Here are a few counter intuitive items I noted:

-Government is the second largest economic sector in Florida at over $90 billion.

-Agriculture is the second smallest industry sector in that state at $8 billion.

-Professional, scientific and technical services sector has a larger economic footprint than do hotels and restaurants.

The chart is found here (FloridaGSPByNAICS). Keep in mind, the Y-axis (GSP value) is shows in thousands of millions. So, 1k on the chart is equal to $1 billion in economic worth.