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The Obama Battle Plan: Take The Cities, Ignore The Countryside

One of the things we like so much about data visualization is that it makes some things look pretty dang obvious.  For example, the Obama 2012 Florida campaign strategy.

The map viz below shows the difference between Obama’s performances from 2008 to 2012 in each house district.  The data is adjusted to account for the 2012 legislative redistricting process.

I’ll let the data speak for itself below but first a few items of interest.

- Obama performed worse in most districts with an average -.22% performance decline in house districts. This average decline is largely due to Obama sinking in strong Republican areas. If you only look at swing and Democrat seats, Obama averaged a .50% performance increase.

- Obama’s biggest jumps came in Miami in districts held by Republican house members. His other jumps came in districts heavy with independents and Hispanics. Tampa, Orlando and Miami broke heavily for Obama.

Have fun with the map below, shoot me a message with any questions.