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Florida’s Football Stadiums: By The Numbers

Each Saturday statewide, nearly one half million college football fans fill stadium seats at a host of stadium venues, ranging from Raymond James Stadium to Doak Campbell Stadium.

That lead us to wonder which team claims the largest share of this market by stadium size?

Obviously, the answer to this question is biased towards the school with the largest stadium capacity. And that turned out to be the answer. The Florida Gators have the largest market share of filled seats in the state of Florida. With a stadium capacity of 88,548, Ben Hill Griffin Stadium gives the Gators an advantage over each team. They have a share of 27.65% of filled seats. Second place, no surprise, went to Florida State, having 23.86%.

But when investigating this question, another one arose.

Which team fills the largest portion of their seats? Who comes closest to selling out every game. Again, the Gators win this contest. This is rather surprising given the recent run of success the Seminoles have enjoyed. The Seminoles have filled an average of 91.86% of Doak Campbell Stadium’s seats in 2012. The Gators were ahead, having filled an average of 98.93% of their house last year. Not to knock the Seminoles, though. Given the size of their house, 92% is still great.

The chart below is sized by the portion college football seats statewide held by each stadium and shaded for overall stadium capacity. The chart is interactive, if you like it, please share it.

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