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A Little Bit More About Us

Welcome to the Decision MediaWorks blog! We are a boutique data science company that is fired up about helping clients gain insight from mounds of data.

The content on our blog focuses on Florida politics and policy. There’s not a lot of quality data analysis being done on state level issues and Decision MediaWorks fills that while showing off our data chops to potential clients.

We will cover other subjects for sure, but Sunshine State items will certainly be oversampled (data pun!).

We are very interested in your feedback as we roll out content. A lot of the things you will see in the blog are experimental, so we need your help knowing what works and what doesn’t. If you catch an error in our data, find an interactive viz awkward or just think the layout is ugly…let us know.

We want to be a nexus for curious people who say things like “I wonder what the data says about that?”

So, if you’re interested in drilling through the drivel that passes for internet analysis, we think you have a home right here at Decision

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